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Brake Caliper Kit

This is collaboration model of ENDLESS with ARAI motor sport.

The brake rotor can apply until max diameter 355mm, material is wrought aluminum alloy, so it is lightweight and high stiffness. In addition, it exercises high control and moderate bias wear of pad since it employs the different diameter with 6pod of front side and rear side.

If you apply to high power tuned car, you can get stable braking effort.
And you can select recommended pad or many lineups of ENDLESS Corporation.

It is outclassing for dress-up since big caliper has been carved “Arai motor sport” at surface of caliper.

Mud flap  Mud flap

■For Legacy BP/BL

cost (No Tax)
Front 6 pod caliper φ332 x 32mm rotor set
368,000 JPY
Rear 4pod caliperφ328 x 30mm rotor set
369,000 JPY
Caliper & rotor full set (Per one car)
699,000 JPY

■For GDB Impreza

cost (No Tax)
Front 6 pod caliper φ345 x 32mm rotor set
378,000 JPY
Rear 4pod caliperφ332 x 30mm rotor set
369,000 JPY
Caliper & rotor full set (Per one car)
710,000 JPY

Model divides 3 kinds. (type A,B/type C/Type D,E,F) Please assign at order.

■For repairs

Brake pads
26,000 JPY
φ345 x 32mm disk rotor
55,000 JPY
φ332 x 30mm disk rotor
48,000 JPY
φ332 x 32mm disk rotor
48,000 JPY
φ328 x 30mm disk rotor
49,000 JPY

・The color of caliper body is silver and color of logo is black.
・Disk rotor is 2 pieces type and the color of bell housing alumite blue.
・The color of dedicated brake pad is blue and it has white logo “ARAI motor sport”.
・As for material of dedicated brake pad, we will be consulted.

In case of the order from foreign countries, it needs the packing cost and shipping cost.