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Front Under Lip Spoiler

This is lip spoiler for GDB/GRB Impreza type E & F below under spoiler.

This part is reminiscent of styling of World Rally car and increase down-force by degrease the air flow at under the body.

This is optimized anteroposterior down-force by using ARAI motor sport’s Rear sports spoiler.

This front under lip spoiler is gummous and it has plasticity. So it allows a little interference with road.

This part is threaded by strong double faced tape and bolts& nuts.
This is general versatility, so it is possible to thread according to surface to thread if you want to thread other type and car.

Front Under Lip Spoiler

15,000 JPY
53mm vertical direction
2,450mm horizontal direction
BP/BL Legacy and
GDB/GRB Impreza type E/F/G with Front under spoiler by STI.
This photo is threaded at Front under spoiler by STI.

Front Under Lip Spoiler

Front Under Lip Spoiler

Front Under Lip Spoiler

In case of the order from foreign countries, it needs the packing cost and shipping cost.