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Lamppod Kit

This lamp pod is made to use Rally. Material is Carbon, dedicated HID lamp set in lamp pod. Dimensional standard is considered not to interfere to inhale air into intercooler.

In addition, the compact design is low effect of cut off the view, so you can feel comfortable with driving. This original dimensional standard is duct for support heat release from ballast. You can select Driving lamp type or Spot lamp type.(Both type has HID lamp)

■Lamp pod for GRB

Lamppod Kit

100,000 JPY
(Lamp pod without lamp LH&RH )
Impreza GRB
985RS or 985RD by IPF Corporation
■H9 lamp 57,000 JPY
■HID lamp 199,000 JPY
・It needs to make a hole to bonnet for thread.
・This is for competitive parts.

As for detail of lamp set, see below HP. (IPF Corporation)

Lamp pod

In case of the order from foreign countries, it needs the packing cost and shipping cost.